Visual ready-for-review indicator for items on the dashboard

I mess up a lot of kanji and radicals because I’m dumb, so I get a lot of reviews for singular items at a bunch of different times. I want to catch these items back up to the rest of the items on the level, but I don’t know if these items are ready for review unless I hover over them on the dashboard, which is really slow to do for multiple items. A visual indication of whether the items are ready for review or not would make it a lot faster to check. Thoughts?

I do not get your question completely, but there is a bunch of usefull userscripts that will:

  1. Show upcoming reviews:
    [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline

  2. List all apprentice items grouped by level:
    [Userscript] Dashboard Apprentice

  3. Allow you to run drills outside of WaniKani SRS on items of your choice, including leaches:
    [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz

Hope it helps.

Ah, I didn’t know Ultimate Timeline indicated “contains reviews from your current level”, that fixed my problem, thanks.

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