Idea for Application

So there’s a feature I thought would be really nice if WaniKani had, but since it doesn’t, I thought I’d at least offer up the idea in this part of the forums and hope some coding genius can make it happen. I thought it would be really nice if you could see your Review Queue, or what items you’re reviewing and at what times. Right now, we can see when the next review is, and how many for Next Hour and Next Day. But the only way to see which items you’re reviewing and at what times is to look at each individual item’s progress. If it’s possible, I think it’d be great if someone could create an Application that basically sorts your items by how long until you review them next, and shows at what times each one will be ready to be reviewed.

rfindley has made a timeline script that works rather nicely. I can’t find the post but this is the greasy fork link and a screenshot from another post.

Also, here is ShotgunLagoon’s list of scripts - /t/The-New-And-Improved-List-Of-API-and-Third-Party-Apps/7694/1

Additionally, you can search the forum by setting the search field to “Chat Posts” or “Chat Topics”

@hoovard, Thanks so much! This is perfect!

The “WaniKani Mobile” app for Android actually has this feature, if you’re an Android user. Though be warned, it is no longer supported by the developer.

Link to it’s thread: /t/WaniKani-Mobile-End-of-Support/2134/1

You could use All you need to do is plug in your API key (generate one if you don’t have it yet!) and it gives you all upcoming reviews, as well as EXP gain chances. It’s small but well-rendered.

WaniKani Panel does exactly what you want.

Credit to Takuya Kobayashi for most of the original code for the Timeline script.
I added more detail to the popup, and the little arrows that highlight Burn and Current Level reviews.