Visual mnemonics

I often think that many kanji and words on WaniKani would be so much easier to remember if instead of reading the mnemonics, we could watch them. I know that creating about 8000 images would be an enormous task, but providing them instead of at least some of the more forced mnemonics would certainly make the whole learning process more enjoyable. Here’s my (a little ridiculous) example of how could it look like:


I’m aware that it’s probably never going to happen but I still wanted to share that idea with you :slight_smile:


Didn’t we have a thread once for visualising mnemonics?

You seem to be onto something amazing.

Then the textual nature of mnemonics empowered through visual.

I would even think to myself of a sort of visual adventure (aka videogame) which would have you play the mnemonics while retaining all the more academic (strictly spaced contents and reviews) aspects right onto it.

Hey!, what if we do it? Lol. that would rock, even more so if the WaniKani team thought it a good idea.


Oh, now that you mention it, I see there actually is a thread like this in archive, I wish I noticed it sooner…

It’s archived, so it is probably OK to make a new one.

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I’ll allow it!

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