Anyone tried creating WK visual mnemonics using AI (DALL-E etc.)?

Since some of them are absurd and I am personally not an imaginative person, I need to picture it really hard to make them stick in my brain. So I think an illustrative mnemonics will be helpful for those visual people.

With the latest advancement in AI, especially text-to-image generation like DALL-E or Imagen, what do you think about this? Have anyone tried it before? I know they are currently limited to some lucky folks, but if you are one of them, try use the mnemonics for your prompt and send it here. It will be interesting I guess.

There is one open-source text-to-image generation like DALL-E mini but the result is somewhat not realistic enough imo, but you should try!

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There’s no pictures here and it’s generally not what you’re asking for, but it technically fits the title:


Ah yeah, my title is misleading, will edit it.
And now we have more hilarious prompt to try from that thread :joy:

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Thanks for the mention!

There is a more up to date one that I did based on those though:


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