Artwork for Wanikani mnemonics

I just thought about how cool it would be if Tofugu’s illustrator @Aya would draw artwork for the mnemonics in wanikani.
I think that way the kanji would stick much better.
I know it would be a ton of work and probably won’t happen, but I can’t help to imagine the small storys in her cute artsyle.

What do you guys think about that?

Edit : I’ll just add a poll to see how many people want to have drawing to their mnemonics. (either drawn by themselves or by other users)

  • WK mnemonics and community mnemonics with drawings
  • Only WK mnemonics with drawings
  • Only Community mnemonics with drawings
  • I think we’re fine without drawings
  • I’ve thought of another way that would help me to remember mnemonics better.
    (please comment what your idea is👇🏾)

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That would be super awesome, but a ton of work~

What would also be interesting is if different people drew their ideas of the mnemonics. Like how everyone might picture something differently. Id love to see the variety on that :laughing:


Yeah that would be really interesting I think :grin:

If there was actually artwork for the mnemonics I’d probably end up laughing too hard to concentrate, especially with mnemonics like this


I actually did an animation of one of the mnemonics and would’ve done more if I wasn’t injured… (I was planning on making a series of gifs ‘cause the writing is so good).


I would like to see something like that, but most of the time you would find a better mnemonic in a picture, so everything must be rewritten. (The pope visiting a boob grave on the moon with a knife to fight the lions there would be hard to draw nicely anyway).


There have been several mnemonics I’ve seen so clearly I wanted to draw it out!
But I think part of creating it in your mind makes it stick firmer than if they drew it for us though. but would still be fun to draw them out just here on the forums for funs!


Yeah that would be awesome. Hope you get well soon :grin:


The mnemonics for the counters of days and the counters of things as comics/animation would be super helpful and for similar radicals/kanji, ‘cause sometimes people read the mnemonic and it’s not enough, because it’s the beginning.
Thanks ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ" I hope so too.

This sounds like a challenge. When I’m able to draw again, I’m gonna draw this just to prove it’s possible… (Haven’t learned this kanji yet, though, but it’ll take months anyway)


i got bored on the train today so i made this crappy thing in paint:


I love the pictures in this thread.

However, the mnemonics in WaniKani are meant to help us remember kanji which are already pictures! I think adding an additional picture might just be confusing and not necessarily help us remember the kanji.

However (again), I would be very open to a picture book with illustrations for the best/craziest mnemonic stories in WaniKani.


YES PLZ–everyone should do this idea!

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Still can’t find the hoe car ほか. :shushing_face:


ほか is another reading i guess? I haven’t learned that one yet. But i’ll make sure to include it in my next attempt. :blush:

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I think this is the best idea ever. :heart_eyes:
In fact, I was about to post this idea when I discovered this topic already exists :joy:

You guys, we should totally make our own drawings of the Wanikani mnemonics and send them to Koichi so they can (pretty please with a cherry on top) be uploaded to the site!
Not only will you remember the mnemonic you drew forever and ever, it would make this site even more fun to use as a community. Most of us have a visual memory, I bet. So what if each new lesson had an extra tab with hilarious image, with link to the user’s profile? We could learn kanji and get to know each other. :see_no_evil:

I can’t wait to see someone’s rendering of a clown being chopped into many parts by a butcher for 部
or satan returning his waterslide to target for 返

Oh yeah, we definitely need this :joy:


Yeah, hopefully that’s gonna be a thing in the future. There are alot of Kanji on wanikani but I guess if everyone makes some drawings it could work out.

Even though I’m bad at drawing lol

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We’ve actually talked about the idea of having pictures for mnemonics, kanji, or other stuff like that, and we also think it’s a pretty cool idea. Unfortunately, making Aya draw 8000ish pictures like that would probably make her wrists fall off.


Yeah that would be too much to ask for…

Clone Aya! Clone her! Clone her! Clone her!


An option for users to add their versions would be more fun anyway :wink:

If this was a thing, and just went through a simple evaluation (mostly on content (noting too explicit I would assume), not quality - though it should be crisp enough to make out and at least an attempt to make it suit the mnemonic) and then added to the mnemonic it belonged too, that would probably encourage a lot of people to give it a go! I know I’ve been itching to do it :wink:

The most enjoyable way would be that all who submits gets shown. For those interested only, so some kind of drop down on the page. Put the name somewhere so people can see who made what (clickable to their profile)

If something like this was implemented I’m sure a lot of different quality ones would emerge, from stickman to fully rendered, yet all equally fun!

If you feel it could distract from the learning, only make it visible when viewing the page, not in lesson. Use the power of imagination on the first go, then look at other view of it later :wink:
And we would of cause also share and talk about them in the forum too, so we don’t miss out on the best ones :wink:

We have talked about it in the forums many times, and a lot of us want to draw them out. But I think having them officially on the items might be the incentive we need to actually do it =)