[Video Game] Shashingo for Switch/PC - Learn Japanese through photography and exploration

I’ve just seen this game trailer and I’m really excited for it so thought I would share it with the community!

Website: shashingo.com
Trailer: Shashingo - Official Gameplay Trailer
Platforms: Switch & PC (Steam)
Release: 2022 (Estimated 30 December 2022)

I hope someone finds this useful, if you also know of anything similar (Especially for Switch as it’s my only console) I and I’m sure others would greatly appreciate it.


These kind of game are a lovely idea. They make language learning more entertaining. I just wish they would explain which levels they target. Though, I guess they aim for beginner levels as intermediate/advance level will move towards native content.
On my side, I recently heard about Shujinkou, a RPG game to help you learn Japanese. Seems like they put object names in Japanese and give you the explanation in English. However, what you need to know and what you will know after the game is quite unclear :slight_smile:

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Yeah, from what I saw in the trailer the names of objects were mostly in hiragana. But the signs used Kanji normally. But for me it would just be great to walk through the streets of some Japanese town and try to read all the signs. If not in real life than at least in this game! And I think it really helps that you can hover the signs to make them show their meaning in English.

This is a good point. As I am still early in my Japanese learning journey I can pretty much guarantee I’ll find it fun and useful to some degree. But if your even intermediate it could be below your level and you wouldn’t know.

Very nice! Sounds great, thank you! It looks great in the trailers also:
Trailer 1
Trailer 2
Gameplay Trailer - Labyrinths

If you search ‘japanese street kanji’ on Youtube you’ll find a couple of interesting videos. They show you random Kanji found in signs and you get the time to guess what is says. I found these highly entertaining :slight_smile:
I have this game on my Steam wishlist for ages it seems because I was curious about it, but it will probably be complete beginner level. Can still be fun though to freshen up Kanji.


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