Very first Japanese book?

I have only done wanikani, like almost literally nothing else.

I want to try a book but hopefully one I can actually make sense of a little. Any tips or book recommendations for a total beginner? Like what’s the best a level 8 person can hope for?


Hmm~ If you don’t know any grammar, there isn’t really anything that anyone can advise to read. Vocab is nothing without grammar. Grammar is nothing without vocab. So I’d say it’s a great time to get stuck into that, if you want to start reading. ^^

When you have a bit of a grammar foundation, you can look into Graded Readers.

This webcomic is also a nice and simple read:

While it might be a bit more of a struggle, you can also check out the Absolute Beginners Book Club stuff here on WaniKani:

For stuff that isn’t necessarily very easy, but that does have a lot aides available for reading, you can also try Satori Reader. If you have an Android phone, TangoRisto is a good app to help with reading NHK Easy articles.


You will need to start with a Grammar Textbook. You won’t be able to tell what is what otherwise. Fortunately a lot of the grammar textbooks follow a “story-like” adventure, usually of a transfer student, so it’s not too dry. Genki is the usual favorite. You can probably buy them on Amazon for a fair price.

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I had already purchased Living Language, Japanese. Hopefully a good choice just to start…

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There’s also free grammar resources on the internet. is a popular and often recommended one. It’s structured like a textbook and should go through most of the grammar you need to get a solid foundation.


You can try reading a level 0 Japanese Graded Readers : Our Graded Readers – にほんごたどく
You can buy physical books or read online free books.


Wow, thank you so much for this.I’d never find it on my own. かわいい!(^-^)


I read it every morning and it’s very healing :grin:


Tangoristo is also on the apple app store. :slight_smile: