Verb stem + verb? is に omitted or has the Vstem independent use?

この料ていで働き始めました。- from WK.

Can’t find such construct in grammar books, please explain.


It’s the grammar “to start verbing” or “to begin verbing”

About the verb stem, or 連用形 (connective form), it is used massively to connect two verbs together and create compound, there is thousand and thousand compounds verbs like this in japanese.


Thank you very much. And as we already talking about Vstems, can they also be used as imperatives?
As in: うまい もも こっちゃ こい?

There are plenty of verbs that can be used as auxiliaries after a stem like that.


I’m afraid so. I have no idea how i will learn to look for their meanings without asking in forums.

Well, you would learn them through some kind of grammar resource.

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Too bad there probably isn’t some kind of chart which count all the uses of Vstem (for example). So instead of reading WK sentences I should first read through all the grammar resources there are.

I mean, WK doesn’t teach grammar, so you’re going to encounter grammar you don’t know in the sentences now and then. I’m not saying you shouldn’t ask here, but was just saying that this isn’t a unique type of grammar, and so now you can be on the look for it in other places.

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No i didn’t think you said that. I just feel guilty if I have to ask for something I in principle should be able to find out my self.
But thanks,
and take care!

こい here is the imperative form of くる, not the verb stem.

If you have A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar, they have a list in the appendix with common compounds and basic meanings, it looks something like this:


it‘s about 20 pages long

来る isn’t the greatest example since it’s an exception to many things.

Only Godan Verbs 五段動詞 (Group 1) have an imperative form that uses something that would look like a stem, i.e. the -え form.

e.g. 行く→行け。飲む→飲め。返す→返せ。

Thanks to all for your replays, this forum is very helpful indeed :smiley:

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