Verb stem + にいく and particles

so I have recently decided to pick up Japanese again after a hiatus and briefly reviewed what I had previously got through in the Genki 1 Workbook. I am at lesson 7 currently working on verb stems and was asked to write an example sentence and was wondering if someone could check it over for me because I’m not sure I’m using the right particles.


thank you in advance for any help

I think it’s grammatically correct. You can change the に after しょくどう into へ, with the difference being that へ indicates direction only, whereas に usually more strongly implies destination (i.e. you actually reached the canteen). The sentence is supposed to mean ‘I went to the canteen to eat with Mum,’ right?

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thank you very much, that is what it is supposed to say yes :smiley:

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In that case, there should be no problem. Happy learning. Hahaha.

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