Verb form name, 下さい!

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In the level 1 vocabulary, WaniKani has this sample sentence

Please come down.
I would have expected 「…下ってきてください」 —can someone tell me the name of the verb for for 「くだり」masu-stem? and/or when that form of a verb is used with 来る?

It’s not くだる, it’s おりる

It’s in the て form. Should be straight-forward from there.

The verb here is おりる. And it’s just a normal ichidan (ru-verb) verb, so that’s all it is.

Also I’m not sure what you mean “The name of”. There’s only name here is the Te-form and then くる being attached to that.

I am also confused by this one. Isn’t ‘kite’ also in the ‘te’ form?

Sorry the work computer doesn’t have a Japanese key board, program thing and ya.

It is.

くる after the て form of a verb indicates direction toward the speaker. So it’s not merely “descend” it’s “come down”.

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Thank you all. I did not recognize the て―form. So it is as was kindly pointed out.
The problem for me was that I thought t the verb was 下る (くだる)for which the てーform is くだって。For おりる、I am more used to the kanji 降りる。The てーform is thus 降りて (or as noted, 下りて)。It was not some unusual grammatical verb “form” (misspelled in original query). Patience and explanation both appreciated.
Gratefully, Tony (tgorman).


I thought I would look this up to understand the difference between the two kanji, and Wiktionary helpfully (?) states: “The kanji usage of 降りる versus 下りる (both pronounced おりる and with very similar meanings of “to lower (oneself)”) is somewhat delicate.”

So now it is even more intriguing! Can anyone shed further light?

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降りる is generally when you are getting off of something and 下りる is more for when you descend down something.


How is that “somewhat delicate”, I wonder? :rofl:

If you wanna make it a bit broader there’s a good answer here: word choice - What's the difference between 下りる and 降りる - Japanese Language Stack Exchange

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Very interesting and helpful!

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