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I Just started using Torii to start adding in some additional , good to know vocab , but man, I am having trouble making it stick
下す=くだす= bestow/give a command
下り=くだり= downbound (i.e. a train)
下る=くだる= to go down (like a mountain)
下ろす= おろす= to take down (like a flag)
下りる= おりる= to come down ( not sure what the difference is between this and 下る)
下さる= くださる = to give(in a honorific way)

I suppose this post was mostly for myself to write this all out to help differentiate, but man, i can see why WaniKani tends to only do a few vocab for any given Kanji


If it helps any, that (くだ)さる is the same one that you use for ください

There’s also the tendency for verbs with an る to be ones you use to describe one’s own actions while similar す ones tend to describe the subject doing something to a direct object. くだり follows the same kind of pattern as いき (bound for)(ending in an i sound).

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i’ve been slowly making my way through bunpro as well, but perhaps some reading on some generalities of す and る and other verb enders could be needed

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That’s the main generality that comes to mind and it’s often transitive and intransitive pairs. Another set of pairs is those that can take ~あれる Japanese Verb Passive られる Form which I think doesn’t have much overlap with what I talked about, although it essentially preforms the same function. Verbs like ()べる don’t have a ()べす form, instead they change to ()べられる

I feel like くだる is more often associated with things like moving downstream or away from a central area. Technically you are moving from a higher point to a lower point, or to a more central point to a less central point, but it feels more like the directionality of it is important. This is the same feeling as with くだり for trains.

おりる would not be used that way. You would not say 船で川をおりる.

おりる is typically for things like stairs, or coming down from an upper floor of a building.

As an aside, おりる for getting off of a vehicle is the same word but usually written as 降りる.


thanks for the clarification, helpful!

I’ll likely be adding to this thread as i make my way through Torii