Verb conjugation confusion

Hi I have a question regarding this conjugation. I don’t understand why 出れる is said to be in the passive form. Yomichan says it is in the potential and thats what I was thinking as well considering its ichidan and only has れる as opposed to the られる that ichidan verbs normally get for passive. Is this a mistake on the website or am I missing something? :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

I’m using this conjugation drill: Don’s Japanese Conjugation Drill (

Just looks like a mistake to me. Dropping ら is only “acceptable” for the potential form and only in casual situations.

And especially when you consider that they marked it wrong when all you were prompted to do was add て, it’s likely they just have a bug in producing the prompt.


You can ping the author in this thread:

so they can fix the issue.


Indeed this is wrong.

I’ll look into this - thanks for reporting it!

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Now fixed.

I just managed to add that verson to the wrong form.

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