"Partial" Vacation Mode (or Oh NO! I got way behind in reviews)

Like many, there is life apart from WK (not by choice :slightly_smiling_face:). “Occasionally” reviews pile up and to keep the size of that list manageable, I go on WK vacation. Unfortunately, the hours needed to catch up are elusive and somewhat of a deterrent to even try. Often several days will go by in which I don’t even look at WK. Perhaps if I could go on a partial vacation and just do my reviews without new ones being added, I’d stay engaged and my list when I can sit down for a longer stretch won’t be as daunting.


Unfortunately this defies the purpose and integrity of SRS. Strictly speaking, even the current vacation mode is counter-SRS, but it would be unreasonable to expect people to stay constantly within the SRS confines. As far as I can tell, partial vacation mode would only result in a soupy mess…

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Yeah, I kinda agree on this =/

It would probably be better to use the script to order the reviews by level, at least.

I had to do this recently — a week before I needed to wind down I stopped doing any new lessons. Then by the time I was on partial vacation, I was just doing reviews, without changing modes in Wanikani. Avoid doing any new lessons until you want to ramp back up to full time.

This seemed to work pretty well for me. Doing only reviews needed about half the time each day than normal.

That said, I do wonder if there could be a “speed control”. ie. I’d like to be able to set Wanikani at high, medium, or low speed. This might be useful for people who have different amounts of time to devote to their study.

@ZengoTim and I agree with you, OP! Obviously the best approach is to just keep your workload at an amount that’s easy for you to keep up with, but sometimes things in life pop up that need attention and I agree that this would be a good way to get back on top of your reviews before turning off vacation mode. Now, if you plan to use this like every week or something, then no, this isn’t a good idea. But if this is just a, I dunno, once a year thing (hopefully not even that much), I think it’s alright and I don’t see how it can become a “soupy mess”. But that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

However, I can also see this being difficult to code into a script as well. :thinking:

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