What exactly does Vacation Mode do?

I’m not going to have internet all summer (camp counseling), and so I’ve just cancelled my subscription until the fall. However, I didn’t pay attention to when my subscription was actually reactivated, so subscribed mode will still be up and running about a month into my job.

I had been planning to put my account into Vacation Mode during this time, because I thought that meant I would still have reviews, just not on anything new. Or I’d have less reviews or the same reviews, or…something. (I’m not sure what I thought.) But when I clicked on “Vacation Mode,” my lessons and reviews set to zero.

Does vacation mode have any “slowed down” reviews or anything? I was hoping to still be able to do some reviewing on my weekends off, because otherwise I’m afraid I’ll forget everything.

If this is impossible, is there any way I can keep up with some mild reviewing? I’ll only have technological access on weekends. (That means no phone, tablet…nothing.) Is there a way to turn off vocab and radicals, maybe, and only review kanji?

I was hoping to avoid a major reset after my job ends, but looks like it may be a no go. :slightly_frowning_face:

It freezes everything. You can’t do reviews. Nothing will appear.

Vacation mode freezes all your reviews. If you have reviews coming in the next hour and activate vacation mode, you could come back 1 year later and you’d still have those reviews coming in an hour after desactivation. Subscription time continues however.

Leebo’d but I didn’t give up anyway. That’s what matters… right?


I’m not sure what this means? But thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry, it’s a thing we have here on the forums. Leebo usually answers pretty fast, faster than the other people that are also replying to a question. So now whenever someone answers a question before us, we say we were Leebo’d. It’s like Glias’d.


Y-you’re a thing we have here on the forums!


No u D:

I see what you did there…

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If you can afford WK, my advice would be to continue reviewing during the weekend (without new lessons).


Is there a way to turn lessons off, or do I just have to watch them slowly mount?

Lessons only appear because you unlock new items (by guruing radicals/kanji). They don’t depend on time. And even if they do unlock, you don’t have to do them. The problem would be doing the lessons and only reviewing after 1 week (when you were supposed to do it 4h after, for example).


They won’t grow indefinitely. If you stop doing new lessons, you will stop getting them too.

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I see. Well, maybe I’ll see how the first few weeks go and if they go well I’ll reactivate my subscription before it expires. Sounds like I might spend half my weekends doing Japanese, though…so it depends what the rest of my family is doing, I guess. Our summers are pretty slow.

You can activate and deactivate vacation mode as many times as you want, so if you want to you could turn on vacation mode during the week and turn it off to do reviews on the weekends (as long as you still have a subscription).

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