Uzaki-chan dialect?

Hello together,
I’ve recently watched Uzaki-chan ha Asobitai and I noticed that she’s always missing out the “de” in “desu”. So, for example, she says “Kore ha iisuka” instead of “Kore ha iidesuka”. And I noticed the same dialect in Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii. However, I had no luck so far finding out what accent this actually is. Or is it not even an accent, but slang? Would appreciate it if you could help me out :).

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I think it’s just slurring the words?

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It’s not a dialect, it’s just a casual way of speaking. It typically gets used by male characters but often anime girls get all kind of wacky speech patterns for fun. Prinnies in Disgaea speak like this, Detective Gumshoe from Phoenix Wright talks like this, there are plenty of other examples too.


I see, thank you!

I think it’s like a lazy way of saying です. I noticed characters who are generally casual (e.g. school athletes), use it in situations that require keigo, like when talking to a teacher or senpai. It’s like they understand they should speak in keigo but want to relax the formality a bit (show some non-conformity).


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