Using voice recognition in reviews for lazy people

I was trying to get macos dictation software to work with wanikani or kamesame but I am stuck at the part where I have to actually enter words. When I am trying to say something like 功 this software just enters こう and the text is no longer “in choosing mode” so no mater how many times I would press spacebar, it just wont choose anything I need. I know that there is a chrome extension called lipsurf but:

  1. it is not for free anymore
  2. I already have software on my computer so I want to use it, instead of giving my microphone data to someone else
    3.I want to use this idea in other apps as well (Torii or Anki)
    I am asking you for help with this typing problem or maybe for some other free software for mac which can do the same trick.

You’re gonna struggle to get 功 by saying (or typing) こう and then scrolling through the options regardless, simply because there’s so many kanji with that reading - in the real world, you’d usually only dictate/type whole words or sentences, so the computer has context to work with.

Fortunately, WaniKani never requires you to enter kanji. Can’t speak for KameSame, though…

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Yeah, whenever I have to write anything with a single Kanji that doesn’t represent a word, I’ll usually have to write a word that uses it and delete the extra.

成功 → 功 → 功

Your best bet is probably dictating something like 功績 and then dictating the deletion of one Kanji.

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Apologies for resurrecting an old topic, but I would like to do my reviews by dictation when I only have one hand free. I am on a newer Mac and tried using the built in dictation feature. It works ok for the meaning reviews (ie English input) but it can’t handle the reading reviews (Japanese input), even when dictation is set to Japanese. It either comes back with complete gibberish (80% of the time) or if it hears correctly (20% of the time) it gives a random kanji with that reading rather than kana. Is it just that it doesn’t understand Japanese very well? Is my accent too American? Is there a way to configure it to work better or at least to only give kana output rather than random kanji?

If there isn’t a way to do this natively then I would not be against a paid plugin if it is a one-time fee that isn’t too high, but I object to the subscription model Lipsurf uses.

How well does it do for you with full sentences? If it’s ok with those then it’s not your pronunciation.

I’ve found that Japanese dictation in general just doesn’t do as well with single words and it especially won’t work well for Kanji readings since those aren’t really used anywhere unless you’re specifically learning Kanji because the pitch on those can change depending on the word.

I haven’t found a way to get it to output pure kana.

Edit: Just realized I pulled a @plantron :man_facepalming::wink:

That’ll teach me to look at the post date next time.


Yeah it does pretty well with full sentences so I guess my pronunciation isn’t that bad. Wish there was a setting to make it provide only kana output. :cry:

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