Using AI to generate mnemonic images

Hi all, just wanted to share a little trick I’ve been using to help some of the more complex mnemonics stick.

I found that for me, if I can visualise the different elements in a picture they become much easier to remember in the long term, and what better way than using AI to generate those pictures?

It’s fun and quick to use with Gemini AI, and you can save the picture for future reference, but usually the process of writing the description and watching the picture once does the trick.

Can be used for both meaning and reading mnemonics.

I’ve attached a few examples I’ve generated recently:

科 - Laddle + Grain radicals = Science

画 - Rice field + Leaf radicals = Drawing (が - gargoyle / かく- cock)

点 - Fortune + Boil radicals = Point

Is anyone doing this as well? Share your images below, it’s really fun and it helped me a lot!


Yep, one or two people. :slightly_smiling_face:

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