AI drawing for WaniKani mnemonic

I saw 1 forum where 1 member drew the first 10 lvl of mnemonic history.
I was curious if it’s possible to auto-generate those mnemo image with an AI Artificial Intelligence

I used Mid Journey , easy to use on Discord with 25 free image trials.
But i’m not soo good at typing prompt for the IA and the result is disappointing.
I’m wondering if someone can try also and get better result than me? :slight_smile:

Some result:
Tacos on Rice Field (For TA reading mnemo of 田 “Rice Paddy”)
Tacos rice field

Exit sign in the Mountain (For 出 kanji meaning Exit)
exit mountain 1

3 attempst of Narwhal with a Mouth on the right side (For the kanji 右 Right)
narwhal mouth 1
narwhal mouth 2 red
narwhal mouth 3

I tried many diferent way to draw a moutain like the kanji 山 (folowing the same path of the kanji) but nothing came succeful here :frowning:
Maybe it can be easier if i find anoter IA which use an image to start the job instead of just prompt

Well, now i wil remember the narwhal for sure (Those image are so ugly lol)


There’s already a script and a relatively large database of images. I’m not sure where the thread is though at the moment.

Oh need it :0 will try to find! Thanks

First there was this thread where one person created mnemonic images with their paid Midjourney account:

After seeing that I created a script to display these images in lessons and stuff.

Download Link: WaniKani AI Mnemonic Images

Then this thread was created to invite people into a discord server three of us from the original thread made for creating these AI image mnemonics:

A lot of people already joined and I think currently around 10% of items have an image! We’d be happy if you could join us in making it 100% :smile:

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