Using 間 with 分

Hello guys!

I just came across an Excercise in genki where they show how to use the verb かかる。What’s interesting is that I’ve found 3 types of sentences, where 2 of them use 間 and 1 of them doesn’t.

These are the sentences:

うちから駅まで十分かかります - Doesn’t use 間
うちから会社まで一時間かかります - Uses 間
日本からインドネシアま一周間かかります - Uses 間

So my question is, Can’t 分 be used with 間? or why is it that 間 is only used with 時 and 週?


秒, 分, and ヶ月 are usually seen without. Here’s the relevant imabi article, which says 分間 is fine and sounds more formal, but I have really never seen it that way (my IME won’t even convert it).

beat u leebo


You can use 分 and 秒 without 間 when using かかる.
If you add it, you can refer to a period of time though, like 30秒間見つめる (stare for 30 seconds)


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