Using しか~ない ー Necessity of nouns

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When using しか~ない, is a noun or nominalized verb always needed before しか? Is it acceptable to say things like 「頑張るしかない」 or 「車で行くしかできない」, or would I need to nominalize 頑張る and 行く?

Thankful for any help.

Maggie Sensei seems to indicate that nominalized verb and plain form verb are both okay, but only gives one example of the latter.しか-だけ-shika-dake/

The example is:

We just need to talk to him. (There are no other options.)

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Ah thank you. I’ve seen it used both ways in similar sentences, so my guess is that either way works with the exception of しかできない where nominalization is always needed.

Thats because できない requires normalisation, in most cases.

しか only has the requirement that you use it with a negative.


That’s what I figured. Thank you for the confirmation!

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