[Userstyle] WaniKani Breeze Dark

@theusaf Which place is this fixing? I looked through all the subpages and I’m not seeing it so far.

@artemigos It looks like WaniKani reverted some of their changes. Earlier, certain styles had !important at the end of them, causing the issue, which is no longer there.

The best kinds of bugs are the ones that fix “themselves” :smiley:

1.3.15 release


  • sections on subscription page have the correct background and text color again
  • inverted colors of image showing no upcoming reviews
  • background and text color of forum section header
  • restored avatar on profile page
  • minus button visibility in reorder ultimate 2

If you still know about things that are broken, then go ahead and let me know. I didn’t really check if any of the supported user scripts broke, so there might be things.

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The settings styling is now broken. From Item Inspector:


I see, that’s a big one, I will take a look later today.


Is it possible that this is something on your side? With WKOF, Additional Filters, Item Inspector and Self-Study Quiz enabled, this is what it looks like for me:

The div with rounded corners that is there has no background set for me. I also looked through the changes I made and I don’t see anything that could affect this.

I have tracked this issue to the Heatmap script. When turn this script off the issue disappears. When I turn the script on the issue comes back.

@Kumirei please investigate. The Heatmap script breaks the settings styling under Breeze Dark.


I was using a jQuery datepicker element in my settings and thus loading the CSS for it. However, it seems like the jQuery datepicker css also affects other jQuery modules (like the one used for the WKOF settings dialogue). For simplicity I have removed the datepicker.

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If you look for a replacement you may use this.

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