[Userstyle] WaniKani Breeze Dark

The link works fine for me

really? when i click the link it shows this for me

which I assume is the source code
I would try to build it myself but i really dont want to learn how to code in SCSS from scratch

First of all you need an extension to house your styles, such as the Stylus extension. Once you install that you can go back to the style page and it will prompt you to install it in the extension. Also, the real CSS doesn’t begin until ==/UserStyle== */, so the weird looking stuff is just information for the browser extension. The SCSS is already compiled to CSS

ahh i got it now thanks alot

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No problem!

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Oh, man. This is my new favorite thing.

I had no idea how easy it was to change the only thing that bugged me about this theme: wayyyyy less visual disambiguation between meaning questions and reading questions.

I highly, highly recommend the following to anyone else who needs as dramatic of a reminder as possible when you’re supposed to switch to “English” mode and provide a meaning answer (vs. the Japanese reading):

  1. Stylus menu → Options

  2. Click the gear icon next to Breeze Dark

  3. Change the Review Meaning Background color to #7e5202 (a lower luminosity version of the gold Kanji Color).

  4. Leave the other defaults the hell alone. They are <chefs-kiss>Perfect</chefs-kiss>!


1.3.16 release


  • fixed styling of user synonyms
  • decluttered style for “patterns of use” tabs
  • fixed answer field background in self-study quiz

@Rrwrex thanks for the trigger and code snippet for the Self-Study Quiz fix - it made things easier to figure out for me.
@Kumirei and @Lupo_Mikti thanks for pointing me in the right direction with user synonyms.