[Userstyle] Transparent theme for forums

Oh, that looks really nice!
I see that I have a notification badge left to fix, though. :eyes:

Looks really great, Kumirei!
Thanks for sharing it with us!

You have started a revolution. Thanks for all your hard work.

I like it.


My turn.


Do your reviews

What a wonderful idea! Let me see…

edit: Imgur never works for me, whyyyy

Ok, what am I doing wrong. It just looks white.

No idea why that might be. What image are you using?

Something I uploaded myself :sweat_smile: It’s kinda tacky, but here’s it is

Maybe the filesize is too big? I first tried Imgur, but no. Then Photobucket, but no.

Did you use the direct link or the one you posted?
This worked for me

I used the direct one… HMMM. :joy:

It’s only 238 kB… so it’s not the size. Are you sure the url looks fine?

Did the default image work? If it did I don’t see why your image wouldn’t

It did :sweat_smile:

too cute!!! saved <3

Interesting. With Stylish it doesn’t work, but installing it as a script did the magic!

I am quite perplexed. If you find out why I’d be glad to hear ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m convinced it’s something on my end, so don’t worry! If I find out, I’m sure to tell you :relaxed: