[Userscript] WK Anki Mode

Just wanted to say I love this script! I use Anki a ton and never noticed how tedious it is to type on WK. I also have overuse injuries from too much computer use and playing music, so the last thing I want is to make things worse from doing too much WK. Thank you!


This is called RSI, repeated stress injury, or something like that


Hello, I installed this using tampermonkey on googlechrome, but it doesn’t seem to work :confused: (no blue button). Any help ?

Hi, this extension worked perfectly until very recently. Any idea what’s up?

I believe there’s an incompatibility with the Double-Check script that’ll register meanings as incorrect.


Thank you so much for this extension :blush:

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Trying this out. Very promising, but seems to have some issues.

If I press 1 and the answer has multiple meanings, it’s marked as “incorrect” instead of “correct”… I’m guessing because both meanings were entered into the input field. (perhaps this is the Double-Check script incompatibility?)

Disables other keyboard shortcuts, like “Later Crabigator”

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Check out [iOS / Android / Web] Juken - Review App for WaniKani if you want to do Anki type reviews.


thanks! I will definitely check it out!