Summary Percentages and lesson percetage

Hello everyone,

can someone explain to me why, when I do my lessons, WK tells me the percentage in the righthand corner (last time it was 93%, and yes I know that changes while I do the lessons) but once I finish the percentage on the lesson overview page is significantly lower (last time 87%)?
I find this incredibly and utterly demotivating and disouraging and wonder why it is even there if it will be different in the end anyway…

best whishes

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There is also a user script that changes it.


thank you so much for your explanation!

unfortionately I am not confident in using user scripts to change WK, so I’ll just logg it as a reccomendation with WK directly and hope they wil change it at some point… :sweat_smile:

again, thanks a lot!


Any particular reason? Installing a script is super easy if that’s what’s holding you back

What if I’m being nefarious, and my script’s secret intent is identity theft? :scream:

You can always view the code before you install 251446983644938240

I second suggestion to use some scripts, there are some super helpful for learning.

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I’ve had a look at it and find the instuctions too confusing. I feel uncomfortable with instaling anything that dind’t come from a verified company (I know, those can make mistakes too, but I have to draw the line somehwere) and installing something on my laptop I dont know the origin of is pretty scary. I’m scared I’d screw up my laptop. I’m a Uni Student and this laptop is my life currently… no laptop = no essays


I cant read code, so that’s no help for me unfortionately…

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Totally your decision. If you start using these forums more, you will find tremendously supportive community that adds to your learning experience for free, answer your language questions etc. And since a lot of WK users are coders, they developed bunch of browser extensions to enhance their own WK experience, and shared them with the community. I don’t check the code since it’s time consuming, but I trust bunch of other people recommendations. Anyway, it’s all in forums category on APIs, so check it one day if interested. All the best!

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