[Userscript] WaniKani Lock Script

This is great! I’ve been testing it on Chrome and it appears to work. I don’t see the lock icon+number when I’m actually in the review section (which is where I think it’s showing in your picture above). This is a non-issue since I see it on the screen before I start reviews, but I thought I would bring it up in case it’s a browser-specific thing rather than something you changed on purpose.

Remarkably only one of my installed scripts broke it, and it’s not the one I would have expected. It’s the “Similar Kanji” script that injects a list of similar kanji into the review page to help you disambiguate. I’m more than happy to turn that off to get my queue down though, and it’s not anybody’s obligation to troubleshoot/change scripts to work with each other.

Things it did work with include the Override button, Jitai (randomizes fonts), Reorder Ultimate II, Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition, and Community Mnemonics. The Ultimate Timeline still shows the full amount of reviews, but I’d completely expect that given the nature of this script. Real Numbers shows 250 right now, which I’m locked at, but will show more when I get more reviews. All I have to do to see how many reviews I really have is subtract 250.

As an aside, I think you’re the first script I’ve seen that calls for the 2.0 key. Right on the bleeding edge of technology :slight_smile: Thank you so much! And I’m wiling to test/check anything you need me to.

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