[Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Overlearning

WaniKani Lesson Overlearning

This Userscript will automatically click the "Need more time" button at the end of every batch of new lesson items, so that the items can be cycled through again over and over, so that they become overlearned.


Download it from https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/22459-wanikani-lesson-overlearning and install it with Tampermonkey.


After reading through the lesson content, you can overlearn the items by repeatedly either:

  • clicking on the next button (>)
  • pressing the right arrow key
  • pressing the enter key
  • pressing the D key

Explanation of Benefits

Additional Reading Practice

When I'm first learning a new kanji or vocabulary item, I find that I'm too focused on the understanding the explanation of the reading and the meaning, that I don't spend enough time **really looking at** the radicals, kanji, or vocabulary items themselves, and getting my brain to associate their shape and image with the meaning and reading.

By looping through the items multiple times, this gives me a lot more opportunities to initially practice visual recognition before they fade away in my memory.

Additional Listening and Speaking Practice

Hearing the audio pronunciation of a vocabulary item played out multiple times really helps me remember the reading better.

And this allows me to practice reading out the vocabulary item (or whispering it under my breath), which helps me to remember how to pronounce it too (i.e. it allows you to shadow (http://learnanylanguage.wikia.com/wiki/Shadowing) the item).


Thanks go out to @rfindley for the original idea!