[Userscript]: JLPT Dashboard+ on the Userpage

Download link: JLPT Dashboard for WaniKani

As the JLPT registration is approaching, here is a userscript that adds a customizable dashboard to the userpage featuring JLPT, Jōyō, etc. for progress tracking and forecasting. Set your kanji % goal. Earn medals and diplomas for JLPT and Jōyō milestones based off the goal you set. Forecast when you will reach your goal based off your progress history.

This idea came to me as I was curious if there was a WaniKani <—> JLPT correlation, and it turned out there was. I started tinkering away then found the WKOF and more. I’ve really enjoyed the app and will enroll for the N3 next month! Good luck learners!


Can you put a screenshot in the OP? I am curious how it compares to Progress Percentages which is essentially the same thing


this information right here is devastatingly helpful for setting goals

i also appreciate that it’s contained to the profile page so i can continue using the very minimalist Progress Percentages script on my dashboard. thanks for your hard work


This looks like exactly the type of thing I need, but as I am just starting to dabble in what the Wanikani community has to offer and am completely new to userscripts etc., I cant seem figure out how to successfully set this JLPT dashboard thing up on my own. Can anyone explain it to me like I’m ten years old or point me to resources that explain how to get userscripts running for people with zero background knowledge?:sweat_smile: