Userscript ui width

Hi, returning to WK after long break.

Is there a user script for making the UI stretch across the whole browser as opposed t like 1000px?


I doubt it, since the dashboard wouldn’t really benefit from the increase in width anyway.

If you do want to give it a shot yourself, or just preview what it could look like, this CSS should get you some 90% there:

.container, .span12 {
    width: 100%;

Some components use a fixed width, so those would need to be adjusted still.

OK, I vaguely remember having something like that before, and based on other people’s screenshots, some of their dashboards look a lot cleaner with the wider width.

It already stretches over the entire browser width

The review and lesson sessions do, but the dashboard and all the content browsing is restricted to something close to 1100px width.

Which is why I immediately assumed they were talking about the dashboard.