[UserScript] Track Incorrect Responses

This script tracks incorrect responses and displays them and their respective counts in item info during reviews. The data is saved in the respective item’s notes. This is so that the responses and their counts are persistent across all clients with the additional benefit of being able to view them without the script. The script currently does not work for radicals (since I haven’t figured out a way to get a radical’s name on the review page for use with the API). The data is currently stored in the notes in JSON format for ease of parsing and rendering of page elements.

I am considering adding diagnoses for incorrect responses such as rendaku, glottal stop, visually similar kanji, etc. in the future.

Tapermonkey will ask to allow requests from www.wanikani.com to api.wanikani.com. Not sure if there is a bug in the API or it’s my fault, but I had to use a workaround to create/update notes.

The intention of the script is to leave existing notes intact by appending data to the end of notes, but the script may have bugs which overwrite your existing notes. Use at your own risk!

Update: Add sections for incorrect responses in item info


Could you tell me what the difference is with a leech list?

This script saves your incorrect responses and how many times you’ve input them. My intention was to become more conscious of the reason for leeches.

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Ah, so more like making a connection between common mistakes! Sounds neat.

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This is great! I wish I’d had this since the start


Added sections in item info to display the data. (bump)

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Not sure if I am thinking as same as you, but possibly in a larger scale…

Yes, my idea is similar to ConfusionGuesser. I want to save incorrect answers and then display useful analytics. Since I store incorrect answers in the item notes, they can be retrieved via the API and displayed on any page.

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finding this isn’t updating my notes? is this dead or did I setup something wrong (recently stumbled across this and thought might be helpful) if it works…

do I need to give it more permissions than the one’s mentioned?