Track Frequent Incorrect Answers

WaniKani currently tracks the number of correct/incorrect answers and current/longest streaks and displays counts and percentages under the “Your Progression” heading. I propose additionally tracking the n most frequent incorrect answers and displaying their respective counts and percentages. (Limit n to reduce database burden.)

When I answer incorrectly, it’s often for one of the following reasons:

  1. Long vowel
  2. Glottal stop
  3. Rendaku
  4. Synonymous/related meaning
  5. Meaning/reading of visually similar kanji
  6. Drawing a blank
  7. Typo

For leeches and reasons 1-4, I often know the reason before submitting my answer, but can’t remember whether my answer is a frequent incorrect answer or the correct one. Tracking incorrect answers would allow me to quickly identify the reason and be more conscious of it. WaniKani could even automatically prescribe the most likely reason since visually similar kanji have already been identified, and reasons 1-3 are systematic. I also propose displaying this information under “Item Info” during reviews so users can quickly review it without disrupting their flow.

To track only the n most frequent incorrect answers without storing every submitted answer, replace the oldest incorrect answer with the lowest count with any new incorrect answer. A record of incorrect answers only needs to be created once the first incorrect answer is received.


That… kinda sounds like a lot of work. They’d need to make a whole database of incorrect answers which are incorrect for specific reasons.

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Alternatively, maybe someone could create a script that simply track incorrect answers you’ve personally used for each item? Then it would only have to compare the current incorrect answer to past answers, and could display a frequency chart for past mistakes. Idk how hard that would be, though. I don’t know any programming.


Made a first crack at it: [UserScript] Track Frequent Incorrect Responses

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