Userscript that shows stroke order?

Is anyone aware of a script that shows you the stroke order?

I am aware that WK is meant for learning only recognition. However I find that being able to draw the kanji in my mind or even on a piece of paper allows me to put the kanji better into memory. Especially for letters that look similar and you think you know them because WK doesnt put them side by side.

I think there is a “font” for Kanji that shows the order for all the kanjis.
So if my thinking is correct, it would be as simple as setting the kanji to be shown in that font. Well you would have to download that font separately first. Unfortunately, I dont know a thing about making a usercript.

Does anyone know of such a thing? 

It wouldn’t be too hard to cook up I would think. Hell, you might not even need a userscript for it if your browser supports forcing fonts. But if you need the script nonetheless, maybe I’ll cook it up tomorrow. Not sure if I’m going to Uni’ given my new single status and my resultant desire to imbibe copious quanities of alcohol. SO who knows.

Have a look at Tofugu’s guide on how to guess the stroke order (

Ever since I read that, I’ve never failed getting it right. Google Translate on my phone has an option to write out kanji, but only recognises it if the stroke order’s correct (I think so anyway, otherwise I’ll look like an idiot - this definitely applies to multi-component kanji, at least). I use it all the time when I see a kanji I don’t recognise. Plus, learning the general rules that apply to 99% of kanji is much easier than learning it on a kanji-by-kanji basis.

If you can’t get this script made, has all the stroke orders if you click on ‘kanji details’.

Yeah, I read that article but I get confused when I see kanjis with no clear horizontal / vertical lines though, like 母.

@ninkendo Im not sure how to do this. Does this work on chrome? 

well to that かんぱい!

I think it would be really awesome if the script would write kanji out (perhaps) with different colors everytime it appears on a quiz

Wouldn’t you write 母 like an angled 日 and then do the drops last?

crazymax said... Wouldn't you write 母 like an angled 日 and then do the drops last?
 According to Heisig, it's drawn like this:

I would love this app. I’m not really learning how to write the kanji, but I find writing them even once really helps cement it into my brain. So right now, I’m looking up this info off-site. Would be nice if it was here.

I often look up stroke orders of kanji during lessons, so I’m currently working on such a script. The problem is, as I’ve stated in another thread, I don’t have any lessons to test it with. It already works on kanji pages, though:

Stay tuned.

EDIT: Well, if it’s enough for you, here’s a super simple userstyle (requires the Stylish FF add-on, dunno about Chrome) that renders Japanese text on WaniKani in that font when you hover it. Hope it’s enough! You need to install the font first, of course.

(didn’t have any kanji reviews to take the screenshot with :D)

Personally I much prefer the stroke order diagram, so I’ll continue working on that script.