Is there a way to enable stroke order?

Is there a way to view the stroke order of the kanji while you are learning them?


Yes you can! :slight_smile:
Just install this userscript my boy:


Just to make it clear if you have not yet worked with userscripts: You need a browser addon in order to use them. Greasemonkey for Firefox or Tampermonkey for Chrome. The addons allow you to inject custom javascript into the page to alter it locally on your computer. That is what user scripts are doing.

There are many of such scripts available for Wanikani so browsing the subforum might be interesting if you already set it up for stroke order.


To go further, make sure to read :

It really has helped me at the very beginning to understand all the features of this forum and how Wanikani works.
You’ll find very interesting links such as:

Welcome to the family.


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