Kanji stroke order font in lessons, reviews for kanji and vocab

hi there. im trying to find a font or userscript that shows the kanji stroke order for lessons and reviews for both kanji and vocab words. One with simply numbers next to the strokes would be enough. Ive looked around but all I can manage to find is animations which are too slow for what im trying to achieve or ones that only have it in kanji lessons, reviews. Anyone have/know of something like this? Thanks.

If you look around the forums there is lots of mention of such fonts:


(or just ask Google for “kanji stroke order font”). There’s lots of options so you can pick whichever you like :slight_smile:

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This is the best one, hands down. No separate font installation required, strokes are on a nice 2x2 grid so you can see the proportions nicely, and it’s big and easy to read. Shows up on lessons, reviews, and individual kanji pages.


A stroke order font is available here.

An a script using this font is here.

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thanks a lot for the replies :smiley: Im currently using the stroke order diagram userscript. its great for when kanji come up but a vast majority of the lessons and reviews are vocab which it doesnt seem to work for. thats the issue ive had with searching for scripts. they all seem to focus on kanji only or the automated one just writes the kanji for you and its hard to decipher it without replaying the animation over and over for me. The nihilist font seems to be more of what im looking for. being able to hover over every kanji in a vocab to display the stroke order sounds perfect. i have the font downloaded now just need to figure out how to use it with stylish and hoping that’s the answer to my prayers. thanks so much!

so i have the font working and i tried the unobtrusive kanji stroke order script. it still only works on kanji only pages. is there another script that will add this same effect to the kanji that make up the vocab as well? all these scripts are great but im really hoping for one that works in all areas of wanikani wherever there is a kanji

I am not aware of a script that uses the stroke order font in vocabulary page. The closest I can think of is Item Inspector that will show stroke order popups for radicals, kanji and vocab items but it works only within the Item Inspector item popups, not items/reviews/lessons pages.

Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector.

ah ok thats unfortunate. Ill check out item inspector thanks for all the help

Unobtrusive Kanji Stroke Order works on vocab pages, too.

ooh nice. i was hoping it would work on review pages as well but this is the next best thing. thank you

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I plan to add it to lessons and reviews, as well, but did not find an appropriately unobtrusive way to do it yet.

when you do ill be using it for sure. good luck!