[Userscript] Show Review SRS Level


Summary: Displays the SRS level of the current item in the top right corner. A minimal replacement for this script seems to have gone MIA.

Bam! I’m a cook now!

For a while I tried coloring the box to correspond with the SRS level, but the existing background colors just made that terrible so I went with a fixed color and called it a day. I don’t plan on making scripts regularly so I’m just keeping this on my github for archival purposes, sorry! Everything seems to be fine on Chrome 58 & TamperMonkey v4.3.6

Install: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/31571-wk-show-review-srs-level
Source: https://github.com/ccookf/wk-review-srs-level/blob/master/script.js

Manual InstallationOpen the TamperMonkey Dashboard, click the 'New userscript' icon in the menu, copy and paste the code from Github into the editor and click save. Done!

Special thanks to rfindley (Robin Findley) whose Lightning Mode script provided the base for css.
General design was taken from ‘ruipgpinheiro (LordGravewish)’ whose original script ‘WaniKani Show Level’ is missing to the best of my knowledge, motivating me to create this one.
Finally, thanks to hoovard’s KunOn+ script for saving me the headache of finding the right storage key.


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