[Userscript] Reorder Omega

Yeah the Speed Demon preset will do this. Don’t need to refresh, it sorts right away.

What are you trying to tell it to do and what’s happening instead?


Ah cool, just what I needed, thanks


Just wanna sort by type dude!

Rad, Kan, Vocab…

Like I’ve been doing for years now.

If a script is lacking any of your favorite features, you could ask the author to implement them, you know? No harm in making requests :slight_smile:

Is this the feature you want? (from Reorder Ultimate 2) Maybe Kumi or someone else can help you.



Yeah but based off of Omega… it’s already in it just in a different format, but despite whatever I do, it won’t properly load the reviews based off of that.

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If that’s all you need, the default “Sort by type” preset should be working. In case you’ve edited any settings, they should look like this:

Note that the “Order” terms are case sensitive, and Vocab should be “voc”


Yeah did that, I even changed them around just to see… didn’t do anything.

It’s completely dead in the water for me.

I tinkered with it for 2 hours to no avail.

I guess I may need to wait for someone else to build another one that’s simply just this feature >_<

It sounds like you’ve run several scripts so far. Make sure you don’t have more than one still running, as that would interfere with Reorder Omega. That includes making sure that a script didn’t get installed directly as an extension in the browser, which can happen (or at least used to be able to) if you’ve ever tried installing a script before installing a script manager like TamperMonkey.

Reorder Omega does work if set up properly with no other scripts interfering.

Also, you’ve posted in at least half a dozen threads, so maybe I missed it, but have you opened the Javascript Console to see if any errors are being reported? (Press F12 and click on the Console tab, then post any errors reported there)


Just updated this in case that’s what they were having problems with. You can now use any of these, and case is ignored

r rad rads radical radicals
k kan kans kanji kanjis
v voc vocs vocab vocabs vocabulary vocabularies

Comma is still required between each, however


If there are no errors in the console I would like to see how you have set it up, as the “Sort by Type” preset that Omega comes with should work. Do you have the correct preset selected in reviews? You can pick the preset either on the reviews page itself, or under Active Presets in the General tab of the settings. Does the preset have a sort by item type action in it? Set to the “order” “rad, kan, voc”?

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I added a filter to Reorder Omega! I was going to just make it a separate script, but this is actually a great feature, so I just incorporated it.

To use it with Reorder Omega you create a filter action in your preset, with the filter type set to “Spread Review Intervals” (I could probably find a better name for this) and give it a percentage (5% in the screenshot) to randomly extend the SRS interval by. If you set it to 5%, then an item will show up anywhere between 0% and 5% later than it would originally have.


Although the percentage by which a review is delayed is random, an item’s percentage is only reset when you review it, so you don’t have to worry about it changing between sessions or an item always having the same percentage delay.

Now, some of you may not want to delay reviews critical to level up, I understand that. If you want to avoid spreading those reviews, then you just have to make a filter for those reviews first, then Freeze & Restore before using this spread filter slightly_smiling_face


Looks like it wasn’t implemented. Maybe you could talk to someone about it again? slightly_smiling_face


Sorry for the delay. Is this still happening for you? I just tried with a level 3 account and had no issues

You can now set your shuffle actions to “Relative” and choose a percentage of the total length of the queue as the maximum shuffle distance


There are now also absolute (in number of days) overdue sorts and filters



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Yeah I have it checked for sorting so that option comes up, I tried using multiple different arrangements to see if it would trigger it… everytime I try something no matter what it is, I always get No items in preset

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Could you get a screenshot of both the general tab and the presets tab (with your preset selected)?


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Ok that looks good. Can you update to the latest version? Also did you check the console?

I have tried changing my settings to exactly match yours, and even though the settings dialog says that “Sort” is the active preset the sorting was not applied on the lesson page.[1] Instead I got some weird behavior like missing tabs with compatibility mode enabled or a completely blank screen with compatibility mode disabled. Seems like a different issue than yours, but I still wanted to mention it.

To fix my problem, I had to enable “Display Dropdown” and select the “Sort” preset in that dropdown. Maybe this also helps in your case?

Another thing you should try is disabling all other userscripts except for Reorder Omega and Open Framework. If the reorder still doesn’t work we at least know that the problem is not caused by a conflict with a different script.

  1. Steps to reproduce:

    1. Have more than one preset
    2. Have any other than the first preset active
    3. Delete all presets except the first
    4. Save
    5. wkof.settings.reorder_omega.active_presets.lessons is not zero but out of bounds
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Yeah I did play around with having multiple options and having the drop down menu. I’ve tried to add multiple to switch between different filters… but it just keeps coming up with no presets error on the screen.

I’ll try disabling the few other scripts I have.

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