[Userscript] Reorder Omega

Again, couldn’t say for sure but from what I remember of when it happens that would make sense. Good luck finding a fix if there is one! :slight_smile:

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I still think that it would make sense if WK would “fix” this by making their caching more robust against queue changes performed by userscripts:

I think userscripts don’t have easy access to the WK caching functionality to fix it themselves, so this small change in the WK code in queue.js would probably be the best solution.

@Mods If I want to suggest a code change, is it better to send an email, or is it enough to tag Mods or a developer?


Having the same issue:
Using Firefox, no remaining counters in the upper right corner.
Tried in Chrome with only Open Framework and Reorder Omega installed, no counters as well.

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Thanks for following up on this as the other poster did not! That is curious. What script handler are you using in each browser?

Tampermonkey for both.

Since I didn’t have reviews when checking it before:
The counters seem to be there for reviews, self study, etc, it’s just in the lessons where the upper right corner is completely empty.

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Interesting. I will have another look at it


Hey there! Either way works but we usually respond to emails a little quicker. I’ll share this suggestion with our developers :slightly_smiling_face:


The issue is due to the position:relative CSS added to #main-info on line 813 in install_css() which causes the #stats div to fall behind it. It’s still there and is unaltered but is no longer visible.

I’ve tried adding z-index: 1 to the #stats div and that restored the box without seemingly impacting the rest of the features.

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Hi, I love this <3

but, this may come off stupid or lazy - I’m not 100% what each of the parameters in the settings mean - a description while hovering over with the mouse would be user friendly.
also, maybe pin some cool user made presets and explanations of them in the post?

for example :


overdue sort
srs level sort
radical sort

Would this order mean - I’l get the lowest srs value with the highest overdue radicals first ? then when done with radicals i’l get the lowest srs with highest overdue kanji etc?

I want to get to the “freshest things” sort of , with radicals first, then kanji

Thanks for having a look at it! I’m glad it’s just a CSS issue. If I can’t spot any side effects I’ll probably update the CSS tomorrow

Sure, I could work on better hover tips. Is there anything else you find confusing other than the stuff in your screenshot?

That would be nice, but people haven’t really been sharing their presets here. I think most users are probably using one of the predefined presets.

I assume all of these are sort actions? If so, then the actions are applied in order as follows

  1. OVERDUE sorts reviews in the order of most overdue (assuming it’s set to ascending). That means that every item is assigned an overdue score, which is calculated as time since due / interval length. So you would see an item which was due 1 year ago with an interval of 2 weeks before an item that was due an hour ago with an interval of four hours.

  2. ASCENDING SRS this sorts by SRS level, so that Apprentice items come before Guru items, for example. Since you already sorted by OVERDUE, items with the same SRS level will still be sorted by OVERDUE, but the primary sort is now by SRS. At this stage something with an overdue score of 1 in the guru stage would come after something with a score of 0 in the apprentice stage.

  3. RADICALS FIRST I assume this is a sort by item type, so how it works depends on your sort value. If you set it to only rad, then it will bring all the radicals to the front, and keep everything else in order afterwards. If you set it to rad, kan, voc, on the other hand (or any other combination) then it will sort the items in that order. Items of the same type will still be sorted by SRS, and items of the same type and same SRS level will be sorted by how overdue they are.

If you wind these consecutive sorts confusing, then it might be a bit easier to build your queue in steps using the Freeze & Restore action. You could, for example, FILTER by radicals, then Freeze & Restore, to keep all the radicals in the front. And then sort the rest as you please

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thank you, I think this made things clear.

to be sure:

The primary sort, is the last one. so if I have overdue > srs , then cards are sorted by srs, and for cards in the same srs stage- they’re sorted by overdue? i.e apprentice 1 first , and within all apprentice 1 cards i got, i’l get the ones i’m most “late” to first.

I think this works for me, the higher the srs the more space I have around the specific due date and still have it memorized, but with apprentice I need them asap. i.e missing a guru 2 card by a week will always be less worse than missing an apprentice 3 by 1 day. plus, the faster I can get stuff to guru and learn new kanji , the faster I can get myself to try books or subtitles and practice my recall in a better way than in wanikani (including grammar and speech etc) I think i’l be walking into the danger zone of putting vocab last :smiley:

and also speed up learning all the wanikani radicals in an anki deck so I can make up mnemonics on the fly for things I encounter in subs and texts .

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Instead of your radical sort you might be more interested in the Critical sort. This type of sorting can bring all items critical to leveling up to the front. That is, all your current level’s un-guru’ed radicals and kanji

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Oh sweet, so the difference between Critical and SRS level sorting , is that srs sort will present low level srs cards first - even if theyr’e cards that were gurued in the past, ye?

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Yes, it will sort ALL items according to SRS level, whereas Critical only brings critical reviews (current level’s un-guru’ed radicals and kanji) to the front

is there anything like this in anki that you know of?

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In Anki you can create filtered decks with which I believe you could achieve a similarish result (depending on what you want to achieve). I haven’t used filtered decks a lot myself, so I’m not too knowledgeable about them. I’m not sure how to pull off multiple sorts in Anki in the way you can with Omega, but you can definitely filter and sort your reviews with filtered decks. There’s even an overdue sort. If you’re a bit more specific about what you want to achieve in Anki (Anki is not WK, after all), I might be able to help a bit more

hmm I guess I’d want to to sort reviews by - overdue > srs level.

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I don’t think there’s any way you could sort in two ways in Anki, but it wouldn’t make much sense anyway, since there are no SRS levels in Anki (intervals are flexible), and few items would have the same interval. You would do better to pick whichever you feel is more important

Thanks for your report! I have updated the CSS