[Userscript] Keisei 形声 Semantic-Phonetic Composition

I am not sure how Keisei normalize Radical images, but it seems to already work for some images.

I updated External Definition script lately to support image radicals, so I found out how much Keisei already supported some Radical images. My lookup maps are the following, and so I updated in A List of WaniKani’s Radical Names vs More Common Radical Names - #2 by Belthazar

  const radicalMap = {
    Gun: ['𠂉'],
    Leaf: ['丆'],
    Beggar: ['丂'],
    Spikes: ['业'],
    Kick: ['𧘇'],
    Viking: ['𤇾', '𦥯'],
    Cape: ['𠃌'],
    Hills: [],
    Gladiator: ['龹'],
    Pope: [],
    Spring: ['𡗗'],
    Squid: ['㑒', '僉'],
    Yurt: [],
    Chinese: ['𦰩', '堇'],
    Bear: ['㠯'],
    Blackjack: ['	龷'],
    Trash: ['𠫓'],
    Tofu: [],
    Creeper: [],
    Bar: ['㦮', '戔'],
    Saw: ['巩'],
    Zombie: ['袁'],
    Explosion: [],
    Morning: ['𠦝', '龺'],
    'Death Star': ['俞'],
    Comb: [],
    Elf: [],
    Coral: ['丞'],
    Cactus: [],
    Satellite: ['䍃'],
    // Except this one; but it's a smaller radical not elsewhere described.
    Psychopath: ['鬯'],