Userscript for most frequently used pronunciation

I’m looking for a userscript that will show something like the percentage of time that a certain kunyomi or onyomi pronunciation is used for a given kanji. I know there are scripts that will show something similar like the JLPT level, but I’m actually looking for something more granular that goes into the most frequent pronunciation. This will help me focus my time into memorizing fewer readings for each kanji while still keeping most of the reading comprehension.

Does anyone recommend a script for this?

One thing I’ll add as a workaround: I’m using the Anime Sentences userscript and one thing I’ll pay attention to is how many examples there are of a word from shows. If there are a lot of examples, that tells me that the word is common and therefore the reading of the kanji for that vocab is common. That’s a workaround so if I can find something that aggregates this into a percentage that shows how common the vocab or reading is, that’s what I’m looking for.

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I’m not 100% clear what you’re requesting, but maybe Yomichan with the Innocent Corpus frequency list or similar would do what you want, web wide.


I might be wrong, but I think WaniKani is already doing a fairly decent job at that so as long as you do your vocab lessons, you are going to practice that out-of-the-box :slight_smile: . There are some outliers, but there aren’t so many of them.


Yes, I agree! This is one of the things that WK does (generally) very well, in my experience. I’ve definitely encountered words that use kanji readings that WK doesn’t teach, but those are in the strong minority.

Something important to consider with a userscript like this is where is it sourcing its data? Is it most frequently used pronunciation within vocab that you’d see in newspaper articles? Novels? Some category on jpdb? Personally I think that unless it happens to match the exact content you tend to read, you’re likely going to see discrepancies between these theoretical percentages and the actual vocab you encounter in your reading.

Basically, I’m not sure that a script could do a better job at this than WK is already doing.


Look at Found In Vocabulary section, rather than which reading comes first in the On’yomi / Kun’yomi lists. A Userscript might be doable too, using WaniKani API data.

There are sometimes vocabularies outside WaniKani using a reading not listed in WaniKani, sometimes often without Furigana. They are minorities, but I wouldn’t say strong minority.

I might also recommend / /, but they are sometimes on a rare side.

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Good advice, thank you! I’m only on level 5 so don’t have much context on how common all the vocab words are. I’ve just gotten some odd ones that made me think they were prioritizing memorization of the kanji over most common vocab (similar to the feedback I hear about Remembering the Kanji by Heisig) but that’s good to hear I won’t have to worry about this much.

Appreciate all the replies! They all gave great context.

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