Is there a userscript for readings on lessons?

I’ve been using WaniKani for almost a month so far and noticed that some times Kanji has several Kunyomi readings, but during the lessons only the Onyomi reading is taught.

I wanted to know if there’s a userscript that adds the Kunyomi readings to lessons so I won’t have to hop to each Kanji’s page to see their readings while learning them.

I found that the best time for me to memorize them is when I first see them, not go back to Kanji’s I’ve previously learned and go over all their Kunyomi readings now.

In the lessons for kanji, the most used reading is used; most of the time it’s On’yomi but other times it’s Kun’yomi. When the other reading is used in vocab words, the lesson for that vocab will teach you the other reading.

While this doesn’t help with the script problem, I thought I should help clarify that it’s not just the On’yomi taught during lessons.


I see, I suppose I’ll just keep going with memorization then.

I usually try to guess the meaning of a vocab word by each part’s meaning, but it’s a hit or miss kind of thing, as I only know 1-2 meaning for each kanji at most (and some have more).

While it’s essentially the same, searching the character on or will show you all the readings for kunyomi, onyomi, and nanori (readings only for names). That way you can see them all.