[Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)

Has the lightning mode feature stopped working for anyone else? It just stopped working today for me.

Edit: Nevermind, I got it working again!

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I installed Double-Check and think I followed all the installation tips (having WKOF load first, etc.) but I am getting a javascript error: “Refused to execute a script because its hash, its nonce, or ‘unsafe-inline’ does not appear in the script-src directive of the Content Security Policy” that appears to be coming from the Double-Check script. I’m on MacOS Monterey, Safari 15.1. Any ideas for fixing this?

edit: Maybe not a Double-Check problem. I see the same error when doing other things on Wanikani site.

Do you have an ad blocker running? Sometimes ad blockers mess with browser security settings and cause problems for TamperMonkey. It might also just be a security setting that you’ll need to change in Safari, but I’m not familiar enough with Safari.

When I have this enabled, things simply don’t get marked as done (as in, they keep coming back indefinitely). However, if I refresh the page, the reviews that I have completed go away.

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Do you have Script Compatibility Mode turned on in the Wanikani settings? It should be turned off.
If that doesn’t solve it, then it’s probably another script causing the problem.

Oh, I thought most people’s problem was that it’s turned off. I’ll try that then.

No ad blocker. Here are my security and privacy settings in Safari:

Nope, still doesnt work, cant even advance now, no clue what other script would mess with it.

Try turning off all other script except the Wanikani Open Framework. If another script interferes the problem should go away. The pinpoint which script is the culprit turn you scripts back on one by one. The culprit will cause the problem to reappear.