[Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)

When using this script during reviews, I get this popup:

As far as I can tell, it worked fine, but should I enable compatibility mode? The settings menu says that I shouldn’t unless necessary

Double-Check is fine with or without Compatibility Mode. Wanikani is simply reducing support calls by nudging users to consider user scripts as a potential cause for problems before contacting them. I think it goes away permanently if you click the X, though I could be wrong.

Since the umaintained Userscript “Quiz pitch accent in lessons and reviews” ([Userscript] Quiz pitch accent in lessons and reviews) is incompatible with Double-Check…
I wonder if it’s functionality could be integrated in Double-Check, since it is closely related functionality anyways.
Would help a lot with learning pitch accent.

Right now I am using only 6 buttons (not the 7 total possible buttons with this script) and it bothers my OCD that the help messages that pop up don’t appear below the Item Info button but instead between the Item Info and Kana Chart Buttons.

Hi, after yesterday’s update to Double-Check, now on “close” answers where previously I would get a shake and a tooltip, now I get a shake but the app goes to the next word and records a fail. Happy to have a look a the JS console next time I have a batch of reviews.


I have the same issue, the script is basically unusable now (not sure if the “shake” marks as fail, i think it just skips to something else, nevertheless very annoying).

The name of last change 2.2.40 is “Added repositioning of answer exception to account for added/removed buttons.” which doesnt seem important at all to me, so I just downgraded to the previous version 2.2.39 (beware if you do so as youll have to manually update it if you want in the future) here:

@Nirgan @mirithil,
I think I’ve fixed the issue. The popup is used for two purposes: the shake warning and the info message. I had mistakenly changed the position for both rather than just the info message. I’m not sure why that caused the shake-and-warn to stop working rather than just be offset, but either way, it should work now.


i can confirm that 2.2.41 works as expected (at least havent encountered any issue), thanks for quick fix!

I noticed the same thing happening to me too, and it just started this morning.

I noticed it was also broken on 2.2.40, anytime I mistakenly had English when WK was looking for hiragana I got marked wrong instantly. Just updated to 2.2.41 and will report if there is still an issue.

Thanks, the update did the trick!