[Userscript] Community Mnemonics (v0.9.7.8)

Aaaaaaand, I’m back as promised! It seems like the fix works! Thanks :smile:

Last I remember hearing of this script didn’t it have like a huge security issue or something? Was that ever fixed or no?

I took TellowKrinkle’s version and fixed the issue where the text of multiline mnemonics goes out of bounds in certain cases. Download from here and paste into TamperMonkey’s editor.

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I also made some CSS updates: the button colors now correspond to the color of the formatted text, so it’s 5000% easier to remember which is which. Also, I fixed the black-on-black highlighting issue.


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I may be a noob, but this script with the fixes isn’t working for me.


Anybody know how to get these variables to work?

It said that for me too, but it works fine. I think it’s more of a warning than an error.

Nevermind. I just didn’t save it. It works great for me.

Time to put in all the mnemonics ideas I’ve had. I hope this takes off like it promised.

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I just discovered this script and am looking forward to using it. But it appears to not be working on item pages for me, just lessons and reviews. Anyone else seeing this? Is the script still in use by anyone, or is it basically defunct?

I use it but it’s really buggy and it was obviously abandoned, no official updates since 2015.

Honestly community mnemonics is such a brilliant idea that is sad to see that this script was abandoned.


Indeed sad that’s abandoned. Awesome script!

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Yeah, there have been a few instances where even in it’s broken state this script gave me a mnemonic that worked much better for me than the ‘official’ one.

Would be amazing if the content could be rescued somehow and ported into a new, actually functional, script.

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Ahhhhh no! It’s abandoned? :sob: :sob: :sob:
Well. I will keep it for the parts that work at least. I hope that someone with the skill and interest tries picking it up again.

Shameless bump to see if a Script Creator Angel could pick this up. It would be so nice…

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TL;DR: Update

Hey guys! :durtle_hello:

While looking for plugins to improve WaniKani I also found this pearl but noticed it was abandoned. And since no one seemed interested to fix it I decided to take the challenge myself. At this point I have only applied the fixes by TellowKrinkle and fixed this “c” user bug. At least for me it is fully working now, as it should be. I have created a Github repo for it: https://github.com/Dakes/WKCommunityMnemonics
If you find any more bugs, you can create an Issue there to let me know. (Or post here).
I am still a noob with JavaScript and Web development but everone has to start off somewhere and I am still only Level 3, so I will have plenty time until I reach Level 60. :slight_smile:

To install the new Version open this Link: https://github.com/Dakes/WKCommunityMnemonics/raw/main/WK%20Community%20Mnemonics.user.js
(The Greasyfork Version referenced in the code differs slightly from the GitHub version, since it does not allow external code via @ require, but Greasyfork is only used to check the Version anyway [Already on my TODO list], But I noticed that the external code used, tabletop, is deprecated anyway. So theres quite a bit to do. )


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Cool stuff. Very much appreciated!