[Userscript] Community Mnemonics 2 (WKCM2)

Just to clarify, do you want to download all Mnemonics from WaniKani, or just the ones added by this Userscript?

If it is just the latter, just go to the Google Sheet, where all Mnemonics are stored: WKCM2DB - Google Sheets and go to File → Download → .csv / .tsv. Since it stores JSON data, which contains commas, you might want to choose .tsv

If you want the ones from WaniKani, I am not aware of a program that does exactly that. However, the API allows you to access the Mnemonics: WaniKani API Reference

Edit: One quick Google search later, I found this script, which should do what you want: [Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector


So, for anyone wondering, Wanikani is apparently transitioning the webpage to a new framework, which is why the script just broke on the item overview pages.
Keisei Semantic-Phonetic Composition just got fixed, so it should be doable if some kind soul is willing :pleading_face:

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Fixed it.
Some buttons might look a bit weird on the item pages, due to the new framework. And fixing them would require me to use different CSS on every site, so I just left it. Once all of WaniKani is moved to the new framework, I will fix that as well.


I just released version 0.3.0
It has the following changes:

  • I moved the entire code base to typescript, which enhances the development process and improves maintainability
  • Reviews no longer are displayed side by side, but just when the reading and/or meaning should be visible
  • On the list pages (level, kanji, voc. or rad. lists) green or yellow icons will be displayed, if mnemonics are available or one was requested
  • You can delete your own mnemonics now
  • I made some minor visual improvements
  • I removed all legacy requests, that were just by “Anonymous” from the sheet

Hello, with the recent changes in wanikani backend and frontend some (most) userscripts broke, including WKCM2, any plans on updating it? I really rely on those mnemonics (some of them even created by me) and been struggling to follow my lessons without it.

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Yea I am aware and I am working on it. I was waiting for Sinyaven to update their WK Item Info Injector Userscript, because I wanted to change my script to use that instead.
I didn’t think some people would rely on it that much. But knowing that, I will try to get it done quickly. :ㅤ)


I just released the update to 0.3.1
Now it should work on every page with the new Turbo update.
I am also using “WK Item Info Injector”, instead of injecting it myself on every page, which is much more convenient. Thanks Sinyaven: WK Item Info Injector.
This also means, it works on the extra study pages now.

I noticed a few small bugs in Firefox, but I will fix these soon as well.


Wow, thanks for the fast update! Really appreciate it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think the new update to the lesson URL broke the script during lessons. Changing

// @match       https://*.wanikani.com/subjects/*


// @match       https://*.wanikani.com/subject-lessons/*

worked for me.

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This idea is actually pretty cool! Thanks for making/maintaining this.
Also the above fix works well

I assume this is from the old script. But might be worth to edit that comment.

hey, i really like the idea of this script but it only seems to work in lessons for me and im not trying to learn any new content right now so i cant really use it. is this normal? i know nothing about this stuff but heres a ss of my tampermonkey page in case theres an issue with other scripts or the order of them idk lol

In its current state, it should also work on item pages. For reviews, however, it seems that the necessary @match is missing, so Tampermonkey does not apply the script on review pages. As a quick workaround, you could start the reviews by clicking the review button at the top of any item page. On these pages, the script is already running, and starting your reviews from there does not count as a page change, so the script keeps running.

The downside to this is almost every other script is not coded to handle it. Including parts of Open Framework (for example, the script menu breaks completely). I think Stroke Order, Niai, and Pitch Info work, but I’d have to check to be sure.

okay thank you, ill try that. i feel like it would be a good thing to add as thats only where really look at items

Somebody just pointed me to this script, very nice!

This is such a great idea! However, one question before I install it. Does every single note you add get added as a community mnemonic, or can you choose whether or not it is added?
Because as much as I’d love to have this, I wouldn’t really want to flood the community mnemonics with obscure references to things like old french shows for example that very few people would understand.