[Userscript] Advanced Context Sentence 2

The latter, I find it very usefull.
It might be much to ask, if needed can fund the cost for it as you also have bills to pay.

Oh I see already offerd some thing, ah no worries still stands as is.

This is one of my favourite userscripts! :trophy: Thanks for making this!
I love the fact that I can use my newly acquired knowledge (or test it!) trying to read the context sentences after cramming yet another kanji into my brain, and then check my attempts of actually making sense of it all :exploding_head::sweat_smile:
I can’t wait until the script works like it used to before the WK update :sparkling_heart:


@Xytherior @Dck81 Sorry that it took so long, but I finally updated Advanced Context Sentence 2. In version 2.12, the tooltips and the kanji highlighting should work again.


Hurray! :smiley: Thank you! You are such a hero to me right now! :star_struck:
ζœ‰ι›£γ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ™ :cherry_blossom: :tada::1st_place_medal::durtle_love:

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Hello, I am using this script WaniKani Hide Context Sentence for hiding context sentence translations but does not seem to be working. I think may be related to this error but unsure. Is there a more up to date script?

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at showGuesses (userscript.html?name=ConfusionGuesser.user.js&id=3875aac0-8e86-4cdd-b8cd-e3690b574869:222:37)
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at Array.forEach ()
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