[Userscript] Advanced Context Sentence 2

The latter, I find it very usefull.
It might be much to ask, if needed can fund the cost for it as you also have bills to pay.

Oh I see already offerd some thing, ah no worries still stands as is.

This is one of my favourite userscripts! :trophy: Thanks for making this!
I love the fact that I can use my newly acquired knowledge (or test it!) trying to read the context sentences after cramming yet another kanji into my brain, and then check my attempts of actually making sense of it all :exploding_head::sweat_smile:
I can’t wait until the script works like it used to before the WK update :sparkling_heart:


@Xytherior @Dck81 Sorry that it took so long, but I finally updated Advanced Context Sentence 2. In version 2.12, the tooltips and the kanji highlighting should work again.


Hurray! :smiley: Thank you! You are such a hero to me right now! :star_struck:
有難うございます :cherry_blossom: :tada::1st_place_medal::durtle_love:

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Hello, I am using this script WaniKani Hide Context Sentence for hiding context sentence translations but does not seem to be working. I think may be related to this error but unsure. Is there a more up to date script?

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘data’)
at showGuesses (userscript.html?name=ConfusionGuesser.user.js&id=3875aac0-8e86-4cdd-b8cd-e3690b574869:222:37)
at handleMutation (userscript.html?name=ConfusionGuesser.user.js&id=3875aac0-8e86-4cdd-b8cd-e3690b574869:203:4)
at Array.forEach ()
at MutationObserver. (userscript.html?name=ConfusionGuesser.user.js&id=3875aac0-8e86-4cdd-b8cd-e3690b574869:194:46)
at MutationObserver.nrWrapper (review:6:14352)

Hi, I really like this script to get some better idea about the sentences build around the kanji and vocab.
But I think there are some mistakes in which of the readings are being used.
I had the vocab for お父さん and the voice said ochichisan
and for 二月 it said nitsuki.
I believe that readings are never like that or am I wrong?

Most voice synthesizers occasionally have problems with choosing the correct reading, so it’s good to always take the audio with a grain of salt. If you have Open Framework installed, you can open the Advanced Context Sentence settings menu and try out a different voice synthesizer (they are provided by your web browser, so depending on your browser you will get different options – I got really good results with “Microsoft Nanami” in Microsoft Edge).

Thanks for you work on this! Would it be possible to apply it to the “Patterns of use” “Common Word Combinations” as well?

After the recent update, the little speaker icon no longer shows up for me and I can’t play the sentences out loud at all


As always thanks for the amazing work Sinyaven. @Sinyaven
Maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong but like the comment above the speaker and the link to ichi.moe have disappeared for me.
Any ideas or help?

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I noticed the same issue yesterday.

It appears that the span of the speaker is utilizing CSS classes from fontawesome.com, such as “fa-solid”. However, it seems that these classes aren’t being resolved to display the icons. My assumption is that WaniKani might have removed Font Awesome from their codebase?

To resolve this, I believe we have two potential solutions: either manually add the Font Awesome library to the add-on, or replace the icon classes with SVGs or a similar alternative?

This is correct. See here.


@hiyyo_wo, @Alex_Makncheese, @marwro, the issue of the missing icons should now be fixed in version 2.18. The script is now using @Hubbit200’s Custom icons Library.


You are a legend. Tales will be told of your monumental efforts.

This is extremely helpful!

One question - is it possible to add the same treatment not only to “Context Sentences” but also to “Common Word Combinations”?

It would be so cool to have something like this with content pulled from current news sources!

Version 2.21 now also affects “common word combinations”.


Wow! Thank you for adding this functionality. Extremely helpful!!!

And may I add another suggestion? When going through a series of Lessons, only contents of first Vocabulary in the batch are “enhanced”. Remaining subsequent Vocabulary entries are not. Would it be possible to ensure that all Vocabulary entries in a batch of Lessons are “enhanced”?

I’m getting an issue in Edge preventing the icons from appearing during lessons. The buttons are still there and clickable, but they are just invisible. No errors in the console.


Example with Dark Reader extension and WaniKani Hide Context Sentence userscript both disabled, and also using a different lesson:


Fixed this locally by disabling/reordering some userscripts I think. Hold on while I try to narrow it down.

This only occurs in Edge when I have Tampermonkey configured with “Inject Mode: Instant”.

Found the conflict: [Userscript] Detailed SRS Popup, in particular, the following line:


I can work around the issue without making local changes to the Detailed SRS Popup script itself by modifying the settings for it to disable the Original matches and instead use User matches for https://www.wanikani.com/subjects/review*.

@Sinyaven, after further testing, it seems that something weird goes on with WK Queue Manipulator’s addPostprocessing. I can’t wrap my brain around how it works by briefly looking at the source, but it does appear to have inherent side-effects just by calling it—i.e., even if the callback function returns immediately.

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Thanks for reminding me about this problem – I have reported it to the author of the Custom Icons Library script, which Advanced Context Sentence 2 uses to display icons. I will let you know once it’s fixed.

This is probably the same problem – the buttons should still be there, but the icons are missing, so it seems like it is not working at all.