[Userscript] Accept vocab readings as a correct meanings


This script makes WaniKani accepts the reading of vocab items as valid answers for the meaning. The idea is you don’t have to switch back to English for words you are 100% sure about already (say you’re fluent in Japanese already, also see this thread).  I don’t recommend using this unless you’re already fluent in Japanese.

Some notes!

  • It won’t interfere with using WaniKani in the usual way (entering English for meanings, using the WK IME for readings; doesn’t affect radicals/kanji at all)
  • You must enter the correct English in the lessons at least once! Just to be sure :wink:
  • When entering the readings in the meanings field, use your own Japanese IME
  • Disables the check preventing you from entering Japanese in meanings fields (for vocab only)

Compatibility: I tested it in Chrome with Tampermonkey and in Firefox with Greasemonkey


2.1: For reals works in Firefox now
2.0: Adjustment for making it work in Firefox
1.1-1.9: Whatever I was mucking around
1.0: First working version

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