Book-swapping sites with decent Japanese selection?

Does anyone know of an international book-swapping site that has a good selection of Japanese-language stuff? I’ve used PaperBackSwap (USA only) and BookMooch (international but mainly N.America/Europe) in the past, but was wondering if there might be something that’s more popular in Asia.


If anyone else knows this, i’d love to know, too! But more on the side of giving stuff away, rather than vice versa. I have a bunch of graded readers and grammar N5 level stuff I want to get rid of. Bookmooch doesn’t really work for me because there aren’t enough people wishlisting language items.

Well I suppose if you’re giving it away for free, there are probably multiple people on here interested.

I have never heard of this before. Is it common to do this?

I was going to suggest posting something in the Bookmooch forums except there’s no “Foreign Language” category, WTF?

But like @Danmonkey said, people here will be interested. If they’re already on your BM shelf, just share a link to that.

Hadn’t done it before on the forums because figured there was a rule against listing items, even for free. I haven’t listed them all on Bookmooch, but will get around to putting up a list here.

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