Buying secondhand textbooks in Japan

Hello lovely people, so I’ll be in Japan later this year and was wondering where would be the best place to buy second-hand Japanese textbooks in the Tokyo area. I’m planning to visit 凡人社 bookstore (what a great name btw), but don’t want to spectacularly blow my budget so any pointers would be appreciated :dango:


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I’ve seen many people around here spruiking Book Off, but I’ve not been myself, so I couldn’t really say what sort of things they have.

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I’ve not seen textbooks for Japanese learners at bookoff, although I haven’t specifically looked for them there.

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I’ve only been to the BookOffs around Kyoto (currently studying abroad) and agree that they don’t have a great selection of Japanese language study books. They do however have lots of manga/books for the reading clubs if that’s of interest!

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A quick search of shows that they have some editions of みんなの日本語 but I couldn’t find Genki or Tobira. That’s in the online store, stock will vary from store to store. In theory you can get stuff shipped to a store but I’ve never done that.

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Thanks everyone for the input. I’ll make sure to scope out BookOff when I’m there, would be cool to take home some manga and easy books to read as well.

Are secondhand textbooks really that much cheaper that you are willing to wait until later this year to get them?

I guess not, but I do have some textbooks that I’m already using on a daily basis (all the usual suspects like the Genki series). Seeing that I’ll be in Japan anyway, I want to expand my collection—you know, supplementary reading materials, JLPT stuff, etc.

Certainly didn’t seem that way on the Bookoff site. Abebooks had a lot of cheap copies of just about every textbook you could thing of.

Even if you can’t find them used, buying them in a bookstore in Japan will likely still be much cheaper than what you’d pay at home!

At least it was for me. :slight_smile:


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