Urgent speaking lesson suggestions

I have an italki lesson in 20 mins and I haven’t prepared for it (in terms of thinking what I want to do). Been so busy at work.

My only previous lesson, the (different) teacher messaged me before to ask what I’d like to focus on. That was nearly a year ago. I’m mainly interested in being able to speak more when I visit Japan in 5 weeks.

Apologies for the slightly pointless post, but my brain has frozen.


I do realise the teacher may have her own ideas, just not sure what to focus on if she doesn’t.

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If nothing else role play giving/receiving directions, asking touristy questions at the train station, checking in at a hotel, asking them to hold your luggage, dining at restaurants, etc. Pick a scenario and run with it.


Thanks! Any suggestions are good.

I didn’t get home that long ago and have one cat trying to sleep on my laptop/ claw my skirt (alternately), and the other one is trying to pick a fight with the first cat.


Oh my gosh, talking about cats is perfect too! Always a good conversation starter :cat2:


I suspect it will be one. They’ve been trouble the last few days.


Lesson went well. Managed to have some general conversation then practicing ordering vegetarian food and hotel stuff. Didn’t understand everything and still find myself going blank, but much better than my last lesson.


As a random update - lessons have gone well, during my second trip to Japan in January I actually managed to hold conversations. Since then I mostly have weekly one hour lessons with my teacher unless I’m travelling (or she is).

I’ve just had the realisation that my teacher probably knows a lot more about my upcoming travels (and possibly my daily life) than my family as we talk more often, and mostly talk about me when we speak :woman_facepalming: