Italki advice please!

Hi everyone!
I’m thinking of giving italki a go - have seen it mentioned a lot and it sounds like a good option for working on my listening/speaking. I previously went to evening classes in 2018 (back when you could ACTUALLY SEE PEOPLE), got derailed when some sh!t happened in my personal life, and haven’t spoken Japanese since.

If you’ve used it, please give me any pointers!! Especially:

  1. Any advice for picking the right teacher, apparently there are 634 available :grimacing:
  2. Is italki ok for beginners or do you need to be more advanced really?
  3. And how often do you do it? As parent of a toddler I’m not flush with time :joy:

Thankyou lovely people!! :heart:

Try posting your questions on this thread as well:

It’s pretty new, but I think people have already started sharing their experiences there, so it might be helpful for you. (I’m not an iTalki user myself, so I can’t be of much assistance, unfortunately.)


Thanks - I’ll repost there :+1:


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